Connecting Minds with the First Global Interactive Community Chess Simul

A unique, integrated social event that involves all chess individuals, enthusiasts and communities all over the world. Have a seat at our virtual board and challenge Judit!

Thank you for being part of the record!

Join the stream and set a new record together!

Can the world defeat Judit Polgár? Let’s find out!
She competes against popular chess influencers and their communities. She will play at the Hungary Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, and the others will play online, via virtually controlled chessboards. Follow your favorite influencers, help them with the next move, and defeat the strongest female chess player. Judit will summarize and analyze the moves, strategies and will give feedback – it is a great chance to learn from the best!

How can you participate?

You can join online, via a vote chess platform where your move is recorded and all the votes are summarized. The remotely controlled board will make the most popular move. It is worth to play if you want to participate in a worldwide chess game, where you can win amazing gifts, collectibles and prizes.

  1. Register by clicking on the link and join the record attempt. 
  2. After entering the interface, you can vote by moving the pieces on the virtual board and confirming your move.
  3. You can vote by moving your piece on the virtual board and confirming your move.


Prizes will be drawn in every hour of the show on the
ChessConnectsUs Twitch channel stream. Follow the broadcast and play! 
Please read the rules of the prize draw here before participating.

Participating influencers

The influencers will play against Judit Polgár, join your favorite channel, follow the stream and be part of the conversation!

Girls Chess Board: Jennifer Shahade

Girls Chess Board: Jennifer Shahade

Judit has been my inspiration since I was a little girl;
Open Sicilian all day!

Magnus Chess Academy

Magnus Chess Academy

Making chess fun for students of all ages and levels - we've taught 100,000 kids!

Keti Tsatsalashvili

Keti Tsatsalashvili

I would like everyone to enjoy every bit of their work, as much as I do, and always have a big smile and positive vibes whatever they do.

GM Pepe Cuenca

GM Pepe Cuenca

Our informal and funny broadcasts attracted a lot of people from different countries!

Rey Enigma

Rey Enigma

My community is known as "Jaquetones" and our motto is: "a "jaquetón" never gives up!



I am willing to give up any and all pieces just for that sweet dopamine rush that comes from making an unexpected sacrifice.

Samay Raina

Samay Raina

„Chess should be mandatory in schools, so kids could learn how to lose everything in 2 wrong moves” 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more information, this Q&A section may give you the explanation you were seeking.

Where can I follow the event?

The event will be streamed on channel and on the platforms of the influencers.

Do I need to know how to play chess for joining?

Anybody can join the event, it is enough to know the basic rules of chess.

Is there any age limit?

No, anybody, who can play chess on a computer can join.

What device do I need to join the event?

Smartphone, tablet, PC or any kind of device that is connected to the internet. For better experience we recommend using a laptop or PC.

Can I join the game later?

Yes, you can join anytime.

What kind of world record are we planning to set?

First Global Interactive Community Chess Simul

How can I play?

Click here for the details.

When will I get my prize?

The winners will be announced in the chat window of the stream. We will contact the winners in Twitch DM and share the details.